What music do you listen to when…..

I’m hitting a bit of a barrier in music at the moment,  spotify isn’t giving me good recommendations so I wondered what music people listen to at different times. 

For me…

Needing energy: Esben & The Witch (check out Skeleton Swoon)

Before climbing: Emancipater (When I go is a great track)

Unwinding: James Yorkston  (singer, poet, writer, live he is mesmerising )

Climbing: some upbeat indie, Arctic Monkeys, or something like Blur

De-stressing at work: Penguin Cafe Orchestra

The power of music is a beautiful thing and can totally change and improve my mood. I’d love to hear what all of you are listening to!

Chill x


3 thoughts on “What music do you listen to when…..”

  1. I think you’ll hate my tastes! 😉 To wind myself up for something, Megadeth or Helloween. For pure enjoyment, 80s Dokken or Y&T. To wind down (which I don’t often try to do), Kingdom Come’s later stuff.


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