Beginners yoga course

Shameless advert for my friends at Leeds Yoga. It’s a beginners and fundamentals course and well worth checking out. These guys have massively improved my climbing and revolutionised my emotional wellbeing. Plus they’re super nice

Breathe x

Nicely worn out.

What a week, a pick up in weather has ramped up the climbing appetite and when crags look this good in the sun it’s hard to resist

I had my first foray into bouldering on Almscliffe and ran into John Proctor, bit of a climbing and guiding legend who knows everyone. She showed me round some cool mid grade boulders and in was surprised to get some nice 6a’s in. The grit was top quality if a little polished here and there. Much better than the trad lines. Absolute stormer called Gimme that Pebble had me quivering as I rocked over that damn pebble for the top.

I followed that up Friday by a trip to Wetherby Crag. It’s just popped up on 27 crags. Apparently a bit of an old skool venue used by the big names in the 80s for traversing it has fallen out of favour by all but the locals. I took Sam from Leeds Yoga up there and found a huge number of high quality limestone boulder problems. Possibly one of my favourite venues.

The ukc logbook for the crag was severely neglected so I’ve now taken it on. Hopefully to get some interest down there.

In amongst all this lots of gardening, food and relaxing

Climb hard peeps

Busy week touring

Not a climbing post. Got the van down to Europe for the first time which has been fun and scary.

A few days in bruges and lille before a dash down to font which was wet but great for a walk.

Been great to spend time with the crazy lady before we get back to reality. I have 7 weeks to train for font and after all the bad (good) food and beer this week I need to get on it. And we both need to get on with looking good for the wedding. And planning it of course, 5 months to go.

Promise climbing updates soon. But for now …

Horse Thief Quarry

We may be mad but we made a dash for sunshine before the snow today. Dave had noticed a sheltered quarry that also got the sun and alsi not in a guidebook. With an early start we hit the rock early and found it nice and warm although belaying was in down jackets and gloves!

Superb day, best named climbs I’ve seen and I put up my hardest sport grade outdoors in the UK

Check it out here on inc

No E11's, no Yosemite, no hair-rasing solos, just the beautiful art from an average climber