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Snowdon via crib goch

Ok ok ok I know many people climb Snowdon and a fair few go via Crib Goch bit this was a fabulous walk with friends, an ecvellentbstag do in fact. I’d be warned that Crib Goch was scary and given my issues with drops and high places I was more than a little nervous but it was absolutely fine. The weather was a little misty but cleared as we climbed.

It was great to head out with some people who had never done a ridge before and the entire party made it with mild whimpering

We even got the stag to the top which was fabulous. 3hrs 45 up. And we them ran off from the top back to the car park in around 45minutes.

The best thing my knees held together with no pain which gives me hope for more walking. On the list: national three peaks, blencathra via sharp edge and schiehallion.

Some reflections on yoga. 6 months in

I guess that this post is a little premature on the fact I haven’t posted Fontainebleau yet but I’ve had a little time over the weekend to reflect on yoga and my practice. 

I am still a total novice and I believe I will continue to be forever and I’m ok with this, for me to accept I will never be good at something is significant!  I am good at two things plank style asanas and shoulder stands. Because this is where my strength lies.

I have learnt that my hips are inflexible, my hamstrings are tighter than anyone’s I know and that I have a terrible arched back posture which means I struggle with a lot of movements and asanas. These are things to be improved however and they are goals. 

I have seen huge gains in my climbing through better core strength and flexibility. I have lost some bulk and don’t look as much if a gym bunny (not sure if this is good or bad) and I am more mindful about how I move through the world.

I have learnt much from my teacher. Often silly things. I need to give and accept more hugs, especially from men. I need to connect with the world more even just by being barefoot and feeling nature, I need to meditate more and simply do more yoga. I feel the need to make my life cleaner, eating a little less meat, drinking less caffeine and doing more exercise. 

Yoga has been good for me. I wish more men would overcome the fear of a heavily female targeted activity as I think it would make us better people.

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu


Time to talk about Skye

I’m very aware that I’ve slacked off writing on here,  I’ve even avoided reading and commenting on blogs. And that sucks as I love you guys and I’ve done so.e cool bouldering recently. I guess the elephant in the room is Skye. I went up with a large group of climbers and had amazing experiences 

I saw sea eagles and golden eagles

I climbed epic hills

Walked to beautiful places 

And took a dip in the coldest freshest water you can imagine 

And spent time with wicked brilliant beautiful people

But I also discovered fear. I hated the exposure on multipitches. Not helped by rolling a block on to my toe on the first day. I found it paralyzing and to the point where I struggled to lead anything of any grade. Which was frustrating and I felt had a negative impact on those around me. 

I swore in the last day I wouldn’t multipitch again. I’m still at that point if I’m honest. Certainly not big ones anyhow which frustrates me as I love the way multipitch gets you somewhere. I don’t know how to overcome it

Check my van though 🙂

Peace x

Spofforth Pinnacles

So the Skye post hasn’t gone up yet because I don’t know how to word it. Needless to say I’ve gone back to bouldering in a big way and that’s meant searching out some ‘new rock. I found a little crag on 27 crags app called Spofforth  Pinnacles and it looked pretty good. 

I was not however impressed on first sight….there should be rocks here….

However just over the hill I found something like a mini gritstone font. A field full of boulders and some fairly big ones at that 

I only managed to get 11 problems done as my skin was weak from the previous night but they were high quality on awesome sharp unpolished grit. And I was the only person there. I guess this is the bonus of climbing somewhere not in the guides.

Fantastic evening. Good grades from 3 to 6a+ couldn’t have enjoyed it more

This was helped by a beautiful bit of weather! 

UKClimbing link here

Peace out x