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Beginners yoga course

Shameless advert for my friends at Leeds Yoga. It’s a beginners and fundamentals course and well worth checking out. These guys have massively improved my climbing and revolutionised my emotional wellbeing. Plus they’re super nice


Breathe x


Nicely worn out.

What a week, a pick up in weather has ramped up the climbing appetite and when crags look this good in the sun it’s hard to resist

I had my first foray into bouldering on Almscliffe and ran into John Proctor, bit of a climbing and guiding legend who knows everyone. She showed me round some cool mid grade boulders and in was surprised to get some nice 6a’s in. The grit was top quality if a little polished here and there. Much better than the trad lines. Absolute stormer called Gimme that Pebble had me quivering as I rocked over that damn pebble for the top.

I followed that up Friday by a trip to Wetherby Crag. It’s just popped up on 27 crags. Apparently a bit of an old skool venue used by the big names in the 80s for traversing it has fallen out of favour by all but the locals. I took Sam from Leeds Yoga up there and found a huge number of high quality limestone boulder problems. Possibly one of my favourite venues.

The ukc logbook for the crag was severely neglected so I’ve now taken it on. Hopefully to get some interest down there.

In amongst all this lots of gardening, food and relaxing

Climb hard peeps

Donated House weekend

I feel it’s positive to share this little project and when I say little I mean huge, fabulous and nuts.

If you fancy visiting, seeing the project or exploring a brilliant part of the country, Grace now has a wendy house in the woods that you can rent on air bnb. check it out HERE

Another weekend of learning building skills, eating excellent food, card games and friendship without the trappings of phones, internet and hurry.

I also had a go at cooking plantain for the first time, it’s amazing! Great discovery

Please check put the project below


Spofforth Pinnacles

So the Skye post hasn’t gone up yet because I don’t know how to word it. Needless to say I’ve gone back to bouldering in a big way and that’s meant searching out some ‘new rock. I found a little crag on 27 crags app called Spofforth  Pinnacles and it looked pretty good. 

I was not however impressed on first sight….there should be rocks here….

However just over the hill I found something like a mini gritstone font. A field full of boulders and some fairly big ones at that 

I only managed to get 11 problems done as my skin was weak from the previous night but they were high quality on awesome sharp unpolished grit. And I was the only person there. I guess this is the bonus of climbing somewhere not in the guides.

Fantastic evening. Good grades from 3 to 6a+ couldn’t have enjoyed it more

This was helped by a beautiful bit of weather! 

UKClimbing link here

Peace out x

Off the beaten track

Today was one of those rare weekend days for me when I’m free, sadly the weather forecast was rubbish. I hunted through the met office and found a single gap that was centred on Honley. It’s a little place I’ve been itching to go and Amy was up for the risk of weather. On the way in everywhere was raining until an opening in the cloud centred over the crag which developed into a beautiful sunny afternoon

This crag is well off the beaten track but as Amy said, like a lost world. The grades are a little out we felt, but Birch Climb (MVS 4b) and Zig Zag of the same grade stood out. I came away full of adrenaline from Devils Steps, way harder than the recorded grade and I’d recommend a boulder mat under it. 

UKC here . Well worth a visit

Birch Climb (arete) with Devils Steps in the background
We think Amy makes a good wood imp

Right positive….. opening up a new crag

So I’ve been driving past this little place for ages wondering if it can be climbed. 

I’ve researched it and can’t find a thing about it. Given the state of the rock I can’t believe it has been climbed so I’m claiming some first ascents. I’ll get everything up on UKC as I go but still a lot of cleaning to go, so much loose rock, weeds, loose grit and spiders 

The right end is pure rubbish with rock improving and growing in height to the left. So starting at the right

Take a Break f3+ Sit start, dynamic feeling move to the break. Smear up to the top
Grot f2+ The 2nd wall from the wall. Chossy rubbish
Grot Arete f3. Arete to the left of grot climbed on the right
Up and Under f4. A little reachy, straight up under the bush. Clean wall on good rock to the left of Grot Arete
When in Need f4+. Sitting down start to the left of the sign. Make a move to the thin pocket and reach for crimps.
Noughts HS 4b. Starting on the two undercut sidepulls work through the obvious pockets staying left of the crack
Crosses S 4a. Keeping to the crackline right of Noughts. (Photo was from me cleaning the route!)
Monks’ Traverse f5. Starting at the right hand wall traverse at mid height to the arete left of the hydrant sign

Climb strong people x