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Horse Thief Quarry

We may be mad but we made a dash for sunshine before the snow today. Dave had noticed a sheltered quarry that also got the sun and alsi not in a guidebook. With an early start we hit the rock early and found it nice and warm although belaying was in down jackets and gloves!

Superb day, best named climbs I’ve seen and I put up my hardest sport grade outdoors in the UK

Check it out here on inc


Yoga Evolution PortugalĀ 

Wow what a week. Firstly what an amazing place Yoga Evolution is. This only gives you a small idea

It’s secluded, quiet and fabulous. Lots of fruit trees, an amazing studio and fab kitchen. The vegan food blew my mind. Our room was lovely. The whole place has a warm family atmosphere. 

It also has a pool that was welcome in 37Ā° heat! 

The yoga was brilliant 2 hrs ashtanga before breakfast and 2 hours of yin on a night. Both were well led by Peter  and Sue who are bright and fun to be with. 

By the end of the week I manage to complete the primary series in under 2 hours (minus a headstand) often badly but I achieved it. I learnt a lot about my body, my injuries and my spirit. I’ve resolved to try and practice more although whether I’ll achieve this I don’t know.

I’ve come home feeling able to cope again, relaxed and positive. 

Peace x 

Buckstones Bouldering

It’s very rare that climbing cones second to anything else but today the simple joy of being out in the sun surpassed it. We toiled through snow, frost and thick fog to emerge into this…

It was Amy’s first time bouldering outdoors so we hit the big grades (f3+) hard. Amy was awesome and still finds my inability to climb slabs and mantle annoying, I made her climb overhangs as revenge. She did really help me on my technique though and I loved getting back into the feel of bouldering. 

It was so warm we were down to tshirts and still sweating. the ‘feels like’ temperature must have been around 20. 

Anyway, awesome  to get out, beautiful scenery and two happy climbers