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Donated House weekend

I feel it’s positive to share this little project and when I say little I mean huge, fabulous and nuts.

If you fancy visiting, seeing the project or exploring a brilliant part of the country, Grace now has a wendy house in the woods that you can rent on air bnb. check it out HERE

Another weekend of learning building skills, eating excellent food, card games and friendship without the trappings of phones, internet and hurry.

I also had a go at cooking plantain for the first time, it’s amazing! Great discovery

Please check put the project below



A weekend at the Donated House

A weekend spent with the amazing people at Boggart Hall (the Donated House) is great for emotional wellbeing but bad for the waistline!

The basic premise is that Grace bought a plot of disused land with derelict buildings on,  planned her dream house using recycled, reclaimed, repurchased materials or where this wasn’t possible materials from responsible sources. All the work is done by Grace, volunteers and work exchange. This has resulted in a timber framed straw bale house that is still very much in progress.

The thing is though, being at the land isn’t hard work, Grace is appreciative of any help and support and this weekend we did get a lot done but we also drank a lot of whiskey, ate a lot of great food and played lots of card and board games. Everyone there likes intelligent conversation and also just spending time doing their own thing, reading, studying, unwinding. Around the site there’s lots of places to relax and recentre yourself

You can find out more and see progress and wgete it all started at http://donatedhouse.org.uk