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A climbing trip with no pics

Im so sorry, I went to Stanage, it was sunny, I climbed and didn’t take any pics. It was great to get the trad rack out and put a few routes up. I’d forgotten what it was like to trust a new belayer but we went with Nat’s friend, Peggy. Which is far more scary when you know she’s lead 8a before. Although it is nice when she says you lead something hard. 

Here’s the logbook from yesterday 

OK ok I know it’s nothing hard but I am the average climber

Bring on light nights x

Font Training week 1

So I’m trying to be a little more focused on improving my bouldering. My lead climbing has definitely suffered though. I’m trying to do something every day to improve or maintain my bouldering …. including my now weekly yoga. I even made it outdoors to Birchen Edge in the Peak District, UKC logbook here

I’m also trying to build in little things like extensor exercise and my indo board

I may also have eaten a LOT of cheese

Spring is here.  Be positive all x

Training hard and a little trad

Sorry for no updates, busy time of year in my line of work. Indoors has been going well; I’m bouldering harder than I’ve managed before and on the ropes I’m chewing the bit, and falling off a lot of 6c+/7a I feel that by the end of the winter I’ll be there. 
Also squeezed in a session of trad on Stanage. I went down there with the sole intention of climbing the Marmoset (HS 5a) it’s a real one move wonder with a really strong start. It took a few attempts but got it down and topped it off with a HVS and VS. Really happy and between me and Marc we shifted 10 routes.

Batten down the hatches for a ranty post about grades, in the mean time….smile