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Boredom and Curiosity

This post comes about from my growing discomfort with my phone. I’ve stopped reading. This is odd for me as I’ve read since being a toddler and have a wall of books at home. My phone is addictive but that is for a different post. The impact this is having on myself and others however is what I want to consider. Humans are curious creatures and we thrive on boredom. Without boredom we never try new things, walk over that hill, pick up that stone. We now stumble round hunched over and engrossed in a small screen and have stopped noticing what is happening around us or even how we are changing.

Less and less we are trying to find out new things as we are never bored, we have never ending programmes on demand we are constantly contactable and if we don’t respond we receive negative reaction.

With being able to access everything at any time we are losing the desire to work at things. We live in a society where everything is delivered instantly.

I find it scary how this is impacting on me but more concerning with others. I regularly see people turn up at climbing or yoga for the first time wanting to do x or y that they’ve seen on Instagram. Or “can you take a picture for my Facebook”. There is no willingness to learn, recognition that they may not be good at these things initially or that skills take time to master. I often never see people return. But they went home with an action shot on Instagram, filtered and tweaked to show off, gain follower, get a positive feeling

I’m writing this on my phone and that annoys me a little. I need to work on putting it down.

Am I on my own with this?

Love x



I’ve been  pushing hard recently and seen some good gains, I’m fitter, on a better diet and climbed strong. This week however I’ve been knocked sideways by work, in the last three days I’ve worked more hours than I haven’t been in work and as a social worker it’s almost guaranteed to be a strain.  But that’s what makes me an average climber, there’s many things come before my climbing. I just wanted to share this as I don’t want people to think I don’t have responsibilities and things just go ok. Sometimes life is bloody hard, especially for the kids I work with

Hope you’re all ok


Battery humans

Stornoway used a phrase a few years ago, battery humans, it’s days like today when I’m reflective that the phrase seems most apt. We sit, caged at desks hammering out endless reams of paper and passing problems to other people without any face to face interaction. We moan and whinge about others practices while committing the same ‘atrocities’ that we accuse them of. We are governed by the construct of time, our lives micromamaged to the finest detail.

Humans are not designed to do this, we are not designed to be sedentary, stuffing our faces on prepackaged, processed substances laced with sugar. We are not designed to watch endless hours of drivel, having the latest celebrity nonsense shoved into our turned off brains.

We are designed to be fit, to explore, to find fresh healthy food, to discover, to learn, to stimulate our senses. We are designed to have adventure.

Life things

I’ve jut crawled out of my partners loft looking as my father did when he came out of the pit.  We’re nearing the end of sorting her house out, one room to go, and looking at the new adventure of us moving in together, firstly at mine then into our own place.

It’s really shown us what we can do while we both have full time jobs, and Nat has a business on top. I’m proud of what we have achieved.

The climbing has suffered,  as has the waistline and the gym but that’s what happens in life. It’s nice to look forward to tomorrow nights climbing knowing that I accomplished a lot tonight, menial things but ones that move us forward

Climb on

Life Crux…..?

As I’m climbing more. Actually twice this week, I’m realising I filled my life with other things, mostly diy on Nat’s house to get her house rented out and her in with me. I can’t remember the last time I was this heavy or unfit but it somehow seems worth it right until that thin crux move and I dread the extra weight. O to balance life. I have no idea how to get back in the gym and fit everything back in my life.

Aaaand back. Three Peaks done too

Well sort of. The finger is still knackered and not meant to be climbing but I couldn’t take horizontal life any more. Gentle 6a+ for now!

In the meantime I did the Yorkshire three peaks, Derwent valley, planned a van conversion, moved jobs to Leeds so I’m closer to climbing on a night and my other half is moving in so doing a lot of DIY (just how many clothes can one woman have… ¬†3 wardrobes later)

Nat, my partner, isn’t a climber but is a free spirit who is more than happy to sit in the outdoors sketching while I boulder.

Not much climbing here but lots of positives.

I got asked to take a group of novices, they were great and well deserved to reach this final peak
I got asked to take a group of novices, they were great and well deserved to reach this final peak