Sitting in Stansted airport waiting to fly out to Portugal. We’re headed to a yoga retreat and I’m both excited and nervous. I’m looking forward to detox and feeling healthier when I come back from a holiday than my usual heavy sloth after eating too much. I’m nervous about being totally rubbish and feeling humiliated with people who are amazing. 

Much love



Boredom and Curiosity

This post comes about from my growing discomfort with my phone. I’ve stopped reading. This is odd for me as I’ve read since being a toddler and have a wall of books at home. My phone is addictive but that is for a different post. The impact this is having on myself and others however is what I want to consider. Humans are curious creatures and we thrive on boredom. Without boredom we never try new things, walk over that hill, pick up that stone. We now stumble round hunched over and engrossed in a small screen and have stopped noticing what is happening around us or even how we are changing.

Less and less we are trying to find out new things as we are never bored, we have never ending programmes on demand we are constantly contactable and if we don’t respond we receive negative reaction.

With being able to access everything at any time we are losing the desire to work at things. We live in a society where everything is delivered instantly.

I find it scary how this is impacting on me but more concerning with others. I regularly see people turn up at climbing or yoga for the first time wanting to do x or y that they’ve seen on Instagram. Or “can you take a picture for my Facebook”. There is no willingness to learn, recognition that they may not be good at these things initially or that skills take time to master. I often never see people return. But they went home with an action shot on Instagram, filtered and tweaked to show off, gain follower, get a positive feeling

I’m writing this on my phone and that annoys me a little. I need to work on putting it down.

Am I on my own with this?

Love x


Finally. It’s taken 20months of leading trad to climb my first ‘proper’ E1 yesterday. Not just a glorified 6m boulder route. It’s called Pinnacle Arete at Wharncliffe. You can check it here

The same day also top roped an E2 that I’m fairly certain I’d rather do over my boulder mat than with a rope on as I couldn’t find a placement on it.

And I spent my day with these two cracking people

O and find this little fellow while soloing. I nearly fell off!

It’s gritstone season, welcome to my backyard! If in the Sheffield area come say hi and share a nip of the strong stuff at a crag

Peace x

Castle Naze crag

It’s ages since I’ve put anything in here about climbing which probably has a lot to do with my hectic diary, state of mind and lack of climbing. I was persuaded however to head out to castle naze this weekend.

This is a brilliant little crag, probably with enough routes to keep you going 3 or 4 trips and of all grades from diff to e3 + check the UKC here .

Best thing about this place is the view. A beautiful rolling valley, little hamlets, raptor, farming and great rock.

Nothing was loose, belays were good and the rock lovely and grippy. Good belay stances too and the descent is about 30seconds!

Much love x

No E11's, no Yosemite, no hair-rasing solos, just the beautiful art from an average climber