Kendal Mountain Fest

So it’s the first time we’ve been but wow was it incredible. So many films, talks and lectures you can’t see a quarter of it. I think we found a great balance seeing the BBC documentary life at the extremes producer, Adam Ondra, Andy Kirkpatrick and Jim Herrington in a secret session, the Wideboyz then the BMC breakfast alongside a Saturday film pass and a best of.

Highlight was definitely ondra and seeing him send Silence before anyone else, plus he was a cool fun guy

Best Films were not just climbing related. The adventure film into Twin Galaxies was mind blowing as was the ski film Imagination. Highlight for us was Stumped an epic climbing film about Maureen Beck. Check it out online if you can.

I’m also claiming worst selfie ever with Tommy Caldwell
Will be going back next year for sure. 

Inspired x


Happenings and Kendal mountain festival

Hi, it’s been awhile. I’ve been super busy and not with climbing so I didn’t want to bore you all. So I’m super unfit but I’m also this happy

Working every day, coming home and working on the van and supporting Nat with her business has been tiring but she’s successful and we built this…

It has a slightly big chimney 

The climbing lab had the most epic Halloween party and introduced some new setting styles

And we just came back from Kendal mountain festival which was super exciting and well worth checking out their page here

I hope you’re all doing great. I’m only an average climber and an average guy but sometimes life is pretty awesome 

Love x

Body changes- the impact of yoga.

At the start of this year I decided to get lean firstly to feel better but also to give me the best chance in Fontainebleau. Looking over the last 9 months it’s interesting to see the difference in my fitness between gym workouts and yoga

Start of the year when I was in the gym twice a week and climbing twice

Just before I stopped the gym and looking super awkward:

Definitely more time however….post yoga and no gym.

It’s kind of amazing that I’m not lifting anything except bodyweight and I’m way more toned, I’m stronger and fitter when I climb and I feel so much better about myself in generally. 

I have Sam Fong Brooks to thanks. Sam teaches yoga all over Leeds, I run into him every Tuesday at the Climbing Lab however he has just opened his own studio Leeds Yoga, check it out here . I cannot recommend Sam’s teaching highly enough his classes are always fun, challenging and relaxed for beginners and experienced yogis. 



Shamanic trance

I’m hoping I can reach others who have tried a drum led shamanic trance. Before retreat I was a total sceptic however I had a vivid and scary trance. It’s about the most afraid I’ve ever felt. For 45 minutes (which felt much longer) I was certain I was drowning in a reservoir close to where I’d imagined my “safe place”. I sort of knew i wasnt there but could not stop the vision. 

I have no plans to try again in the near future and I’m not sure whether to ever try this again. Does anyone have any similar experiences or any advice



Yoga Evolution PortugalĀ 

Wow what a week. Firstly what an amazing place Yoga Evolution is. This only gives you a small idea

It’s secluded, quiet and fabulous. Lots of fruit trees, an amazing studio and fab kitchen. The vegan food blew my mind. Our room was lovely. The whole place has a warm family atmosphere. 

It also has a pool that was welcome in 37Ā° heat! 

The yoga was brilliant 2 hrs ashtanga before breakfast and 2 hours of yin on a night. Both were well led by Peter  and Sue who are bright and fun to be with. 

By the end of the week I manage to complete the primary series in under 2 hours (minus a headstand) often badly but I achieved it. I learnt a lot about my body, my injuries and my spirit. I’ve resolved to try and practice more although whether I’ll achieve this I don’t know.

I’ve come home feeling able to cope again, relaxed and positive. 

Peace x 


Sitting in Stansted airport waiting to fly out to Portugal. We’re headed to a yoga retreat and I’m both excited and nervous. I’m looking forward to detox and feeling healthier when I come back from a holiday than my usual heavy sloth after eating too much. I’m nervous about being totally rubbish and feeling humiliated with people who are amazing. 

Much love


Boredom and Curiosity

This post comes about from my growing discomfort with my phone. I’ve stopped reading. This is odd for me as I’ve read since being a toddler and have a wall of books at home. My phone is addictive but that is for a different post. The impact this is having on myself and others however is what I want to consider. Humans are curious creatures and we thrive on boredom. Without boredom we never try new things, walk over that hill, pick up that stone. We now stumble round hunched over and engrossed in a small screen and have stopped noticing what is happening around us or even how we are changing.

Less and less we are trying to find out new things as we are never bored, we have never ending programmes on demand we are constantly contactable and if we don’t respond we receive negative reaction.

With being able to access everything at any time we are losing the desire to work at things. We live in a society where everything is delivered instantly.

I find it scary how this is impacting on me but more concerning with others. I regularly see people turn up at climbing or yoga for the first time wanting to do x or y that they’ve seen on Instagram. Or “can you take a picture for my Facebook”. There is no willingness to learn, recognition that they may not be good at these things initially or that skills take time to master. I often never see people return. But they went home with an action shot on Instagram, filtered and tweaked to show off, gain follower, get a positive feeling

I’m writing this on my phone and that annoys me a little. I need to work on putting it down.

Am I on my own with this?

Love x

No E11's, no Yosemite, no hair-rasing solos, just the beautiful art from an average climber