Midyear Resolutions…advice needed

So a couple of weeks ago I put up on Facebook that I was going to make some mid year resolutions and there were quite a few.

  • Eat more vegetarian
  • Give up caffeine
  • Practice yoga more out of class
  • Eat a little more consciously and a lot more vegetarian.
  • Be more mindful
  • Try and sleep better or at least get into a better routine.
  • Walk around barefoot more
  • Not beat myself up if I don’t achieve these

So a few weeks in an in thought I’d have a little reflection. As for eating myself and Nat had a vegan week which was good, cheaper although put a bodies went through a grim detox. We got into tofu and we’ve kept vegetarian dishes in the diet a little more.

Sleepwise I’ve had a few nights where I’ve slept 8hrs which for me is huge. I’m trying to put my phone down at 9.30pm and read a little more. This has been aided by me cutting coffee. I’m down to one in a morning which I now enjoy rather than it being necessary

The mindfulness hasn’t been as successful. At the moment work is piled up and my personal life is hectic. I’m struggling to find a place to be mindful. I would love to meditate but cannot find the headspace.

Yoga has also been a struggle with my teacher off for a few weeks and mynrushing around I haven’t done as planned but this can be remedied. I have also booked a yoga retreat which I’m nervous about but looking forward to trying.

Time to find space xx


8 thoughts on “Midyear Resolutions…advice needed”

  1. To paraphrase Lynn Hill, think of climbing like a moving meditation. So anytime you are climbing, you are also meditating. It might help you to get into the grove and further explore the wonders of meditation.


  2. I can only walk barefoot on grass – my feet, which should be really tough, can’t cope with stones at all! Since I’ve moved to the Lakes, on non-working days, I sleep 9-10 hours normally! 🙂


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