Some reflections on yoga. 6 months in

I guess that this post is a little premature on the fact I haven’t posted Fontainebleau yet but I’ve had a little time over the weekend to reflect on yoga and my practice. 

I am still a total novice and I believe I will continue to be forever and I’m ok with this, for me to accept I will never be good at something is significant!  I am good at two things plank style asanas and shoulder stands. Because this is where my strength lies.

I have learnt that my hips are inflexible, my hamstrings are tighter than anyone’s I know and that I have a terrible arched back posture which means I struggle with a lot of movements and asanas. These are things to be improved however and they are goals. 

I have seen huge gains in my climbing through better core strength and flexibility. I have lost some bulk and don’t look as much if a gym bunny (not sure if this is good or bad) and I am more mindful about how I move through the world.

I have learnt much from my teacher. Often silly things. I need to give and accept more hugs, especially from men. I need to connect with the world more even just by being barefoot and feeling nature, I need to meditate more and simply do more yoga. I feel the need to make my life cleaner, eating a little less meat, drinking less caffeine and doing more exercise. 

Yoga has been good for me. I wish more men would overcome the fear of a heavily female targeted activity as I think it would make us better people.

Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu



2 thoughts on “Some reflections on yoga. 6 months in”

  1. It sounds good – I’ve thought about Pilates myself – not so sure about the differences. I couldn’t go for the hugs thing though – I don’t really accept hugs willingly off anyone – not even my parents when I was little!


    1. Neither did I but my teacher is a hugger haha and it’s nice to have human contact in a different way. Pilates is meant to be more energetic however the yoga I go to targets climbers and therefore is pretty hard


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