A climbing trip with no pics

Im so sorry, I went to Stanage, it was sunny, I climbed and didn’t take any pics. It was great to get the trad rack out and put a few routes up. I’d forgotten what it was like to trust a new belayer but we went with Nat’s friend, Peggy. Which is far more scary when you know she’s lead 8a before. Although it is nice when she says you lead something hard. 

Here’s the logbook from yesterday 

OK ok I know it’s nothing hard but I am the average climber

Bring on light nights x


3 thoughts on “A climbing trip with no pics”

  1. I’ve never taken my camera to a crag. And, with the ‘social’ climbing sessions I go to most weeks at the indoor wall, I’m always having to trust new belayers. It is a bit scary the first time I let go at the top with each new one but I suppose they’re all trained!


    1. I don’t know how you deal with trust issues, I like knowing my belayers well, and them knowing me well so they know where I’m struggling and when to start running backwards


      1. it’s just how it is when you don’t have any climbing partners I suppose – you have to climb with whoever is going and, generally, you’ve never met them before!


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