Climbing Centre Review: City Bloc

Website here

City Bloc is a small indoor centre in Leeds and proud to be the oldest centre. I’m about to write a positive review but first we need to get through a few truths

Don’t go to City Bloc if….

  • You like warm centres, or warmth in general
  • You like state of the art walls or holds
  • You like nice changing rooms
  • You like easy straight forward bouldering problems where beta is obvious, you just need to be stronger the harder the grade.

This is an old centre and presents as such DO NOT LET THIS PUT YOU OFF

This centre has insane setting. Only the Climbing Works in Sheffield has given me more of a challenge in working problems. The holds are not ultra modern but they are much more like climbing on real rock. The beta is tough (did I mention it’s hard) even the easy problems have to be thought out, often sideways is the best way up. Problems have to be worked and they are doable if you keep going.  Myself and Amy have found challenges for us both and problems only one of us can do so it is not just a centre where a long reach really helps. 

What we have both found interesting is the huge range of volumes on the walls,  unusual shapes and textures that really make you think and move, they’re in for every problem, and many problems just have a start and finish hold with volumes between. 

 It’s also high, feeling far above the lab and depot, the other local walls. It’s small but because things are a challenge you tend not to move too much and you never seem to be short of space. 
The staff are amazingly friendly and if you’re really struggling on problems they’re happy to give you a  pointer, or as tonight point you to someone who can do it. The standard of climbing throughout the centre appears exceptionally high.

Give this place a try, don’t Base your experience on how it looks, Base it on the climbing. 

Prepare to lose skin, I have for the first time in months


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