Yoga…thoughts a month in

So tomorrow I’ve done a month of yoga at the Climbing Lab in Leeds. It’s with Sam Fong Brooks and every Tuesday evening. Sam is the nicest person you could meet, he is clearly an excellent climber and yogi but has time and patience for all, and recognises the range of abilities in class and always has alternatives if you can’t do something. 

So my initial goal was to get more flexibility, particularly in my hips. I thought this would be a quick fix, it won’t.  What I’ve learnt is that my hip flexibility is impressive in its absence. They are like an iron bar, the ones without hinges. I do however have good lower back mobility…….and no balance. I don’t think I ever knew I could not stand on one leg

Yoga is going to be a long process, it’s going to take commitment that is more than a weekly class, even if it’s just a little practice of basic asanas between sessions. 

A little deeper….

Yoga has had some unexpected consequences however. I have noticed how I sit and how I stand, I slouch,  slouching hurts my back but I’d never noticed. I now also notice my breathing at odd times, particularly when climbing. 

The class has made me question why I contort myself into strange shapes once a week. I’d never thought of why yoga exists, I’ve asked Sam a little about his prayer at the start of class also. Yoga has  a deeper meaning that going to a class and just doing asanas really misses. I am not criticising anyone doing this, it is the basis for me attending!

This book and is excellent at giving a basis to where yoga fits within religion, life, medicine and fitness. It’s also realistic which photos on social media don’t seem to be. 

I’m glad I started but I feel my journey has a long way to go. 

Appreciate life x


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