Climbing is a great leveller. We are not trying to beat others (most of the time). All we are doing is challenging ourselves. To reach a grade, to get to the top of a wall or just to be fit.  It is a very personal sport. This was brought home to me this weekend when I watched a friend top out a 6a+ up the main wall at Leeds.  To me it’s a warm up but his shout of success at the top, watching him shake with exhaustion and commit to moves inspired me. I talk about my grades on here, and I follow people who are climbing silly high grades, but nothing separates us. We are all just trying to achieve personal goals

Happy climbing people



One thought on “‘Achievement’”

  1. Yeah, much as I’d love to be a better climber (and don’t think I’ll really improve as I age and get less supple), I still enjoy watching other people succeed at the harder stuff rather than being jealous like I might be in many other sports.


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