So I’ve been told I need to get into yoga by just about everyone, for just about ever.

I did my first class today at the climbing lab in Leeds and loved it. 90minutes flew, I’ve come out feeling energised and like I could have a new addiction. 

The teacher, Sam, was brilliant, understanding and patient and I didn’t feel bad being the only newbie. Surprised myself with being able to do some things and shocked at how bad I was at others. I still can’t stand on one leg! 

Looking forward to more classes!


8 thoughts on “Yoga”

  1. I can’t stand on one leg either! never could! Can’t walk a straight line either and crash into furniture all the time – apparently it’s a well-known condition but I can’t remember what. Probably my ears or something.


      1. might be that – I’d have to re-google it. It doesn’t really cause me too many problems but I’m sure it won’t help my climbing much and it can make me very clumsy. I’m a fairly good organiser though…


      2. Just had a quick read now. I have to admit I’d never take a ‘selfie’ and I can’t run. Well, correction… I can run downhill all day but can’t run one step uphill – just not the way my energy burns I’m afraid – I’m a plodder with good stamina and was never fast or high-energy. Also, I have some news for her – when you get in your 50s, love handles are something you have like it or not and they won’t go no matter how you eat or exercise – but I gather she’s fine about hers anyway. Good to see an individualistic, determined woman though…


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