New Year & goal update

So I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas,  are having a positive new year. I’m out in Spain, c limping steadily but not pushing….

At the beginning of winter I said I’d set some goals, I’ve now climbed 7a, badly, done a v7/8 boulder problem, both indoors mind. And I also shoved up an E1 at the end of the year, climbed badly again.

The thing is though is that I did all these, I got fit worked hard and achieved. Since doing them all though I’ve struggled to push and work out. I’ve actually climbed worse. I need to set more goals but I know what I want to do is establish myself at the grades above until I can do them fairly regularly. 

Time to be positive and push on 


One thought on “New Year & goal update”

  1. I get the odd time when I climb well but, unfortunately, I’m mostly crap – I don’t climb anything near enough though and have been out of action for ages with a broken toe now 😦 Good luck with your goals,


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