Climbing 101: Smelly Climbing Shoes

OK,  so this applies to a lot of climbers….climbing shoes stink. Mine are so bad they have their own room in my house, and have had to be hung off the car wing mirror. 

Boot bananas work for loads of people, the only issue is that after a few months mine started to smell of my shoes, this wasn’t pleasant. you can buy them here at rock and run (best price I could find)

You really should wash your shoes regularly though as they get grim, the design keeps the sweat in and therefore encourages bacteria, with ultra aggressive shoes it’s no wonder climbers feet get manky.

DO NOT PUT CLIMBING SHOES IN THE WASHER myself and friends have had shoes literally disintegrate. Washing liquids and powders can also have a bad effect on the rubber. 

The best way to clean your shoes is soaking them for around 15mins in water with a small amount of bicarbonate of soda. About 50g per bucket. When they’ve soaked give them a good scrub with a soft brush. if you do it in the bath, this happens:

That’s from two pairs  of shoes…..get scrubbing! 


  • Smells nicer
  • Bicarb kills the bacteria in shoes
  • The rubber gets clean and super sticky
  • Healthier feet

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