Gear Review: Scarpa Crux Approach Shoe

So it came to the time where my Zen Pros were getting shot and I needed  to replace. I was shocked that Scarpa had discontinued the Zen Pro and I couldn’t find them in my size throughout the net. I got talked into buying the Crux in go outdoors (using their handy match and 10% off from here) I wasn’t totally convinced but I needed some shoes and they were a great price at £72.


  • These feel more flimsy than the Zen , the Tennies and the sportiva equivalents but they appear bombproof 
  • Superlight 
  • Awesome grip on mud and wet ground from the vibram sole
  • Scarpa climbing rubber through the toe is super sticky 
  • the sole is solid meaning you can climb with confidence, i solo’d some vdiffs in them the other day in the wet with no fear.


None. I simply can’t find any. The upper isn’t as thick as most other approach shoes but so far is holding well 


If you need new approach shoes I can’t think of a better buy. People who love 5: 10 will continue to say the guide Tennies are better but if you look around the more recent reviews are quite critical of them being left behind technologically  and the quality getting worse. The latest sportiva seemed good wwhen I tried it but it’s  so slim I couldn’t fit it.


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