Problem Solving

The last few weeks have been about recuperation and refocus. I’m more active but the diet is terrible. I have however noticed my old bouldering head coming back where I can focus and work on problems. Last night my friend found me at the wall staring blankly at a problem. It was one of those climbs where there’s so many holds it looks so easy yet none of them are good, the pockets on a flat wall would be positive but at 30 degrees become horrid, the undercut is just a little high to move into comfortably. 

The bottom right hold featured three times….it sucks…

After about an hour I’d got it to the point where I could do the top 75% fluently and the bottom 75% fluently, to non climbers it must seem obvious therefore that I could complete it but the sheer complexity of both hand and feet movements meant that I simply didn’t have the strength to put it all together 

By sheer stubbornness and a lot of encouragement from the mat I topped it. I got the huge rush of finishing the problem and a feeling I’d missed, that nagging emptiness of a project gone. 
20minutes later I was sitting staring at another wall…..just how can I crank that heel a little more…


One thought on “Problem Solving”

  1. I’ve ripped/broken something in my hand so I’m not even recuperating at the moment – I’ve had to give it all up – the climbing anyway, not the walking! I was just going downstairs at work and slipped – my hand was on the nice, slippery stainless steel bannister and that slipped too. Then my little finger caught on one of the supporting/downward spars and there was a very loud snap. Not sure what I’ve done or how long it will be 😦


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