Battery humans

Stornoway used a phrase a few years ago, battery humans, it’s days like today when I’m reflective that the phrase seems most apt. We sit, caged at desks hammering out endless reams of paper and passing problems to other people without any face to face interaction. We moan and whinge about others practices while committing the same ‘atrocities’ that we accuse them of. We are governed by the construct of time, our lives micromamaged to the finest detail.

Humans are not designed to do this, we are not designed to be sedentary, stuffing our faces on prepackaged, processed substances laced with sugar. We are not designed to watch endless hours of drivel, having the latest celebrity nonsense shoved into our turned off brains.

We are designed to be fit, to explore, to find fresh healthy food, to discover, to learn, to stimulate our senses. We are designed to have adventure.


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