Pushing for goals

So some go well others go….erm. I decided to set out on my goals by seeing where I’m at. Sport grades it appears I’m comfortable at 6b+ scraping 6c and getting stuck in but not finishing 7a. 

Boulder wise is more difficult which cane as a shock, my finger strength really seems lacking, I think I need some time on the fingerboards, particularly the slopers. I’m around 6a+ to 6b+

Running…well .. Yeah.  So I found I can run 0.8km but then I’m done in. I guess I’m so bad at it and so embarrassed I don’t really know how to start. I know in my head that running will improve my climbing….I’ll be fitter, have more stamina and a stronger core, I just don’t know how to start. 
In other news I got these routes cleaned up. Still working on making safe but they’re pretty clean.. 

The right line, Veins, I think will go at vdiff from my early forays. The left line, Arteries,  around S 4a but may be a touch harder. 

Deer Stalker, the obvious deer head chock seems to be in the region of HVD just because of the top. The line to the left is something hard. I can’t climb so haven’t named!!


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