Little Almscliff

I went up here after I saw a blog post by a fantastic photographer you can find it here : Smacked Pentax

What a cracking little venue, 40ish of the best boulder problems from f3 to 7b and best of all they aren’t highball so proper little problems to really get stuck into. I’m a bit against something being high in a grade because its 24ft long. I prefer the really hard while not going to die stuff.

All details on UKC here : Little Almscliff

How many times have we done this look : (Pocket Mantle 6b +)P1010317

I fell off that more times than I can count before making it.

Also up at this place are loads of fantastic stone carvings. Find out more at Smacked Pentax but here’s my favourite:


This fella popped his head out to say hello too:



Climb strong  and wear awesome bobble hats! x



6 thoughts on “Little Almscliff”

    1. Yes it has shoulder straps and is great. I do have a larger mat but this is great, shoves in the car and does the job nicely. I wouldn’t have it as a sole mat for highballs but it’s taken a good few falls. I found it cheap on the net then did the gooutdoors match and 10% off deal


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