They do bouldering centres a little different in Spain. 

So I spent the last week in Manresa, in the Catalan area of Spain. Primarily for Festa Major which I’ll post about later on. I did however call in at the local bouldering centre, El Pati Vertical ….wow. firstly this was hard. In most centres I tend to climb around the middle of the grades, occasionally harder, here I was climbing the kids and easiest adult. Speaking to the owner and route setters they explained they set for highly technical climbing, trusting friction, controlled body movement and thin holds. Everything was always in reach, there were no dynos but the holds were generally small, when they weren’t there was generally only one way to hold them. I loved it and it really made me think. I also liked that as well as mats twice the thickness of the UK they had movable mats for when climbing super hard stuff with likely falls.

And there was a bar!


7 thoughts on “They do bouldering centres a little different in Spain. ”

      1. I honestly can’t remember where we went. I’m certain we went to Bas Curvier because I got spat out on La Marie Rose, I just couldn’t get over the top. I think we also were in Apremont.

        I’d love to go back to Font again though it was a great easter weekend!


      2. Yeah we went a similar time of year. I love the guidebook with the coffin symbols, went up one it was 8m with a dyno top out. Did it because down climbing wasn’t an option and the mats looked rather insignificant


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