What an awesome week

So the mrs was away which means I can play (climb) party (climb) and be naughty (climb harder?)

The weekend was epic as you will have seen and Monday started with a stunning hangover, a good session on woodhouse with Jack and Bex sorted that with my first climb of Centipede HS 4b and good for that grade, horrid top out below.

The evening culminated in a stunning sunset.
Tuesday was myself and Jack exploring at Hetchell Woods, great secluded venue and odd rock and climbs, requires a step back and a rethink. Led centurion (S4a) and walked away happy 

Wednesday was another session at Wharncliffe where I had unfinished business.  Introduced Dave to the great buttress then I put up Trapeze (HS4b) and then soloed Fly Wall (HS 4a) although where you are meant to place gear I haven’t a clue. I got in trouble for this photo….

Then last night I went back to the climbing works, first time since I bust my finger there, although nervous I quickly reestablished myself on the yellows and loved the setting. I had forgotten just how good the climbing works is. 

Climb strong people and make the most of the summer 

(Can you feel the positivity?)


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