Stanage and leg jams

So for some reason I’ve never done any trad at Stanage, I’ve boulderer,  seconded, walked round it but never led. So yesterday was time to bit the bullet, the day was beautiful, and I was in the mood

So for those of you that don’t know,  stanage is gritstone mecca, an escarpment of gritstone over a kilometre long with every climbing move and style available. It’s so big UKC has to split it into 4 areas, here’s the log book for yesterday’s area

Marc ‘wasn’t feeling it’ so a asked if I’d leas, so 8 routes went up including the  brilliantly named 3 climbs ‘Eenie’ ‘Meenie’ ‘Miny’. Most of the grades yesterday were around the HS mark including the stunning gargoyle variant that ate my leg

So I’m home now, happy, scuffed,  and broken my stanage virginity. And with a really sore stiff knee


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