It’s not often I rant on here,  if ever, but this is about crag etiquette.

Today we climbed at Lawrencefield a cracking little quarry venue. Myself and Marc, joined later by Mike were happily cragging when a couple decided to pitch up next to us. Thus followed an hour and a half of niggling.  Starting with how much gear I’d placed in a climb, yes there was a ‘lot’ (9 pieces in 16m) but I’d found it a horrid lead, a real struggle and I made it safe for me. Then with further comments about how much gear had been placed they decided to follow the same route ‘but we won’t need all that gear will we heehee’. Followed by a commentary on where I’d left chalk marks (it was wet in places).

They then decided to have a domestic half way up the route…..awkward.

Once back on the floor they opted to watch Marc lead. Marc has been slowly building confidence in his leading and doing really well both in leading and following me up the harder stuff. What he didn’t need were these two muppets criticising his gear placements.  Mike was with us, he’s a well qualified instructor and climbed all grades, we’re  covered for advice thanks. What it did was make Marc who was well above his last placement take a perfectly good cam out and fumble around for 5. Not bloody helpful, he was fine.

We were then treated to being told how we were pitied as we had had to drive 45mins to the crag, they’ve just purchased a new campervan ha ha ha. It cost 10 squillion trillion pounds I believe. Then they had another row.

When did using chalk (within reason), placing a lot of gear and driving to crags  become an issue!? O and they had a go at our abseil….then asked to use it.

They can shove their pristine gear in its beautifully unscuffed sack up their arses and I hope the campervan rolls backward over the crag edge.

Peace out


2 thoughts on “Rant”

  1. That’s absolutely bloody disgusting behaviour – thank goodness I’ve never met anyone like that (yet) at the crag as I’m not known for biting my tongue. Hope they get divorced soon and lose the ‘van’ in the settlement! (I can be very spiteful 😉 )


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