Gear Review: Lifeventure Vacuum flask 1000


Really quick review. When I needed a new flask I put a shout out on Facebook and everyone bar one friend said Thermos. Stuart pointed me to Lifeventure, not only had he found it better than his thermos he had plenty of the Lifeventure range and had dropped his flask down many crags and it continued to be excellent.  This sounded good… then I read the reviews, average at best.

This flask is the best gamble ever. A year in and this flask excels.  It has been well used, dropped, dumped on and, as proved last weekend, will still keep coffee hot for 60hours….. and it was left in a cool cave.

Thermos will always be good but dare to be different with Lifeventure, great design, two lids, (I prefer the solid one have found it keeps liquid hotter, longer) it’s slim even though a litre flask so great for packing and it appears indestructible.


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