Our willingness to explore…

At what age do we start to have the need to explore and try things drummed out of us and get pushed towards staring at the tv or Xbox game. We are born with an incredible imagination and willingness to try things. Why do we lose this, for safety….sometimes, but we need to be encouraging children to be different, to try things, to be an individual. Twice this weekend I’ve seen parents encouraging their children to do something ‘risky’ a toddler to go off and explore rock pools while his dad kept a very close eye on him and a 5yr old attempting to solo every climb at Pule Hill. Why do we constrict our children’s world…. if you have children…encourage them to explore and be different!


3 thoughts on “Our willingness to explore…”

  1. That’s today’s parents. We used to go off across the moor in a pack of 6 or 8 kids to Cracoe War Memorial (16 mile round trip) from about 10 years old. Before that we used to play on the nearer moor edges. We also used to go up the woods, often totally alone. No supervision at all. Our parents just checked us in for tea and bed. And things weren’t less dangerous then – I saw plenty of odd fellas up the woods when I was a kid – I just knew all the quick escape routes and they didn’t!


    1. Tbh things aren’t safer or more dangerous, as to risks for kids just the same are attacked as have been for 3 decades. It’s encouraging children to go discover, to be individual. Sadly in my work I see kids with no ambition, no willingness to be different….but then others look at me and think the way I live is crazy


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