More life changes and indoor training.

Life is weird at the moment and filled with stress, we don’t seem to be quite working right as I get back to training and more and more things seem to go wrong. The good news is that I’m back climbing the bad news is that this takes me away from dealing with real life. I envy the sponsored pros for that.

We are making a commitment to being a little more responsible. We just did a foraging course and discovered the joys of birch sap, gorse flowers and wood sorrel. We are starting to grow our own herbs and some veg which is great and be a little better in where we buy things and what we consume.

We’ve found a lovely local greengrocer and are trying to cut down on waste, it’s a bit of a challenge


A little better.

Nat’s business is getting stronger and looks like she will be stocking 2 or 3 more shops in Sheffield and Lincoln which is good.

We just need to get some big tasks done and out of the way


3 thoughts on “More life changes and indoor training.”

  1. It’s great if you can find a good local greengrocer. We used to have a market gardener in our village when I were a lass… now he’s long dead and the b*ggers who’ve moved into his house have tarmacked over all his garden! Grrr!


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