Refocus and 6b+

With all the work in the house, troublesome friendship and work I’ve been struggling to find inspiration. This week however I was shown a picture of the fitness I was at 12 months ago, disappointment didn’t come close.

After a day or rro of beating myself up I went back to the wall straight through the v3/4 circuit and onto lead climbs 6a 6a+ 6b then a 6b+ easily the hardest climb I’ve shifted indoors. It wasn’t clean with a fall on the overhang off a tough left crimp my finger simply couldn’t take, but it was an improvement. Back in the gym last night and time to re-analise the eating


5 thoughts on “Refocus and 6b+”

      1. I suppose I’m a bit lazy like that – I think I just go for a bit of exercise and to enjoy my session and don’t seem to have a lot of ‘ambition’. But, if I’m put against another female with less experience who starts to do harder climbs than me, I soon get competitive! 😉

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  1. Why have I only just seen this, Ryan? That’s incredibly impressive. Bloody good effort.

    mountaincoward…..I can understand that you don’t like the holds but the more you climb on them, the easier it becomes.


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