The best thing about clmbing

Is that you can wear whatever you want. My outfit tonight is in no way like the beta monkeys cartoon….



24 thoughts on “The best thing about clmbing”

  1. Woooooo. Orange and green. Awesomeness. I love it. Your hair is pretty funky, just out of bed? Aha and a Tom Clancy novel. Brilliant photo.


      1. I like grey and it makes me feel good but I admit that it is a little lacking in the colour front. I’ll make up for that tomorrow, be warned.


      2. Ah yes, I really enjoy doing that. I meant, well doing for getting to the gym but it’s late and I think I need coffee.


      3. Why don’t we have a coffee lounge? I have an idea. I’ve renamed the ‘chat’ to ‘coffee lounge.’ I made it a sticky.


      4. Indeed. I don’t know how that happened. If you go to the tabs on the left, there’s one called ‘sticky’ and then click on that tab. It should work. I’m no expert.


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