Budapest (not climbing)

On a break with my Mrs. Got convinced to have a massage at the rather nice and amazingly cheap Gellert Spa. The masseuse did a quick evaluation and told me I’d had a left arm injury,proceeded to pick the finger I’d injured and do a full sports massage. My arms have never felt so relaxed.

He also told me to do more yoga, stretch more and drink more water. Also memorably told me ‘please don’t shit yourself’ before ironing my back out.

Places to recommend eating- Huszar, Ecke22 and the For Sale Pub. Everywhere we have had great service especially the Huszar restaurant.

Tomorrow….beer festival.


8 thoughts on “Budapest (not climbing)”

  1. He sounds quite good. I had a full body massage after Kilimanjaro at the local hotel by a nice, tiny Chinese lady. She packed some strength into that small frame though and gave me a good going over. It was only £12 and I can’t imagine why the others on our tour didn’t take advantage too!


    1. It’s the small ones you have to watch out for. I know you said you get nervous outdoors. I’ve just put a new post on about a book. It’s brilliant and talks a lot about the mental side of what we do.



      1. Was that the fell-running one? I might have to have a look at it for the mental side, although I’m getting a lot better and more daring. I think I mainly struggle with being out there alone all the time – doesn’t help my confidence as I’m naturally careful and know that things like scrambling alone are pretty risky.

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