The fatal pop….. I need suggestions!!

So coming back from Font I found myself stronger than I ever had been, walking through some V5 and V6 boulders then cleaning a couple of 6b+ and starting to look with interest at 6c/7a. Then down at the depot on the new black circuit I was crimping through a few decent holds and ready to reach for a good right hand when there was a loud pop. Loud enough for a dozen or so people to turn round and watch me hit the mat in pain.

As is now clear, I’ve ruptured my A2 pulley in my left ring finger, a bit of googling shows the all too common nature of this, there’s nothing to predict it but it means months out. I can#t really lift weight on it, not do pull ups, so currently in the post injury slump. Planning to start running, I have the Yorkshire Three Peaks happening in a month or so and a new job but disappointed to lose my new found form and feeling a little lost as to what to do with evenings and weekends.

I guess it’s time to sort some new goals out, lose that fat that has been hanging around, ge some cardio fitness, learn to run, bash out those situps….. any suggestions people…..?


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