So Fontainebleau happened…

And boy did it come as a shock. Hoping to be climbing in the region of 6a by the end of the week I was happy to top out 4c+. Climbing on POF smeared polished holds is something new and took days to get used to and confident on even though sticking to chalk may have been a mistake.

The forest itself is magical. We sampled the twisted shapes of rock at Isatis, Rocher and L’archant. The shapes inspire creativity and wonder as you spend hours working through the circuits, a boulder, a single move.

All the climbers we met were friendly and helpful. Even the French guy who told me the climb I was doing could only be started dynamically to walk away muttering when I got a static move dialled in.

Cheese was eaten, wine was drunk and more than a few patisserie. And who knew. The French have Emental crisps!FB_IMG_1432073661081 FB_IMG_1432073644727 FB_IMG_1432073587489


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