It’s been a while…

Sorry for the radio silence much has happened, in training for Spain I picked up a shoulder injury trapping a nerve in my back and losing feeling in two fingers, not great!

However still made it to Spain and discovered the delights of the Costa Blanca- Sierra des Toix, Guadalest, Sella and Reconco were all climbed in amazing weather. Learnt how to build anchors, multipitch and clean routes safely which is handy and has opened up a vast range of routes in the UK. I also got some great lead climbs in and top roped a few of the harder climbs the other guys did.

So back home for Christmas, 21 degrees sun to -5 and snow. It has come as a bit of a culture shock. Even more of a shock was how much weight and muscle I’ve lost in Spain and over Christmas. This was shown in the Depot last night and in the gym this evening. Much work to be done.

I need some goals. And my trad gear is itching!


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