Welcome to my journey

As most climbers will testify, we spend our time watching the best, dreaming of clearing that first E1 or scraping through that impossible E8, climbing in the wilds of China. We watch videos posted all over youtube, read blogs from the best and explore all the latest gear.

This blog however is about me (narcissism at its best), just an average guy, with a 50hr a week job, a house to run and a love of climbing. I climb for fun, to be outdoors, to meet my friends, to be part of a trusting partnership with other people where we trust our lives to each other.

I’m Yorkshire based, climbing indoors and out, I have bouldered for 18 months but had to take 3-4 months off to complete my Masters degree. I started using ropes in February of this year, learning to top rope, learning to lead and lead belay then moving outdoors to trad and sport. It’s been a whirlwind but I feel ready to train for next year, and have an amazing season.

The reason for this blog is both for me, as a push to train, to get myself healthy again and do harder climbs and also to document my progress (if any). And for others, if anyone wants to read it, other average climbers that want to read, share, ask questions, find new groups, try new gear.


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