The Starting Point

So right now, I’ve been ill for pretty much a month and I’m seriously unfit but here goes anyhow:

I climb in all different styles, indoor and outdoor, boulder, trad, sport. I know most of the elite athletes focus on one and that helps them perform but hey, I love it all!

My Logbook:

Indoor top grades:

Foundry- Lead 6b/+        Awesome Walls – Lead 6a+    Leeds Wall – Lead 6b

None of these grades are comfortable, they were just odd climbs I found I can do.

Climbing Works- comfortable on the Purple & Pink, pushing the yellow

The Depot Leeds- Black, some red, few wood.

Climbing twice a week, golfing once and an occasional gym session means I’m generally fairly fit, but with a shocking diet I’m not your skinny guy, weighing in at 13st 4lb

So my aim, to improve the grades I’m climbing, and to lose that weight and tone up!


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